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Are poor grades holding you back?

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Poor grades and test results can be disappointing. You not only let yourself down but you let down your family.

Perhaps you have tried a tutor but your results have barely improved, now you are starting to doubt yourself. It doesn't have to be this way!

You deserve an inspiring tutor that can help you realize your potential, a tutor that has helped hundreds of students just like you. 

Melissa Daniels holds a Masters Degree and is an accredited, world class teacher from the USA. Melissa is committed to inspiring and connecting with each student and helping them achieve their best grades possible. 


Is there a better way?

At Score Smart, we know that you want to earn a place in college or university, but there is so much competition that your grades and test scores need to be the best they can be. 

Our face-to-face, online tutoring is personalized and interactive. We use a combination of Skype and virtual whiteboards to ensure your tutoring is never boring and only focused on what you need to succeed. 

Online tutoring is a smart choice as it allows you to access the most qualified and specialized American tutor. 

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This was our first time working with a tutor, and I was shocked at how just 90 minutes a week could make such a difference. My daughter’s math grades improved dramatically and most importantly she didn’t dread her math homework. I wish we had found Melissa earlier.
American School of Dubai Parent

Choose Score Smart and unlock access to a specialized and highly qualifed American tutor. Your key to success. 


Your Tutor

Melissa has lived in the Middle East and taught at some of the best international schools in the region.

Over the last 5 years, Melissa has worked exclusively with international students in the Middle East.

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Ready to boost your grades?
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1. Schedule your first lesson

Your first session is Free. Find out how easy it is to access a world class teacher and tutor in the privacy of your own home. 

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2. Start your customized lessons

We'll work together to identify your goals and challenges. Each lesson will be designed just for you. 

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3. Enjoy great results

Before you know it, your grades will be improving and you'll be succeeding at tests with more confidence. 


The Score Smart Promise

I promise to guide you each step of the way so that you feel supported, confident and a real sense of accomplishment. 

I am committed to helping you achieve measurable improvements in grades and test scores. 

Each student is different, I promise to provide customized lessons rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach that other tutors may take. 


Melissa Daniels
Score Smart Founder


What's the cost?

Poor grades and test scores could cost you more than you think. To get into your preferred college, university or career, you need to get the best grades possible. 

To get the results, you need an experienced tutor with a proven track record. 

Melissa can tailor tutoring packages to suit your needs, before you know it, you'll be achieving better grades and approaching your study with far more confidence and certainty.