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Getting into a great college should be easier

We know that you want to gain admission to a great college, it is important to you and your family to get your first choice. 

The problem is that the college admissions process can be complicated and confusing which can often leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. In addition, there is so much competition that your application needs to standout or you risk missing out altogether. 

It doesn't have to be this way! You have worked hard and deserve a place in a great college. 

Melissa Daniels can guide you through each step of the college admissions process and give you inside knowledge to help improve your chances of getting into your preferred college!

Imagine completing a standout application and gaining acceptance at the right fit college, the first time!

Schedule a call with Melissa now and before you know it, you'll feel more confident and on your way to your ideal college. 


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Melissa has lived in the Middle East and taught at some of the best international schools in the region.

Over the last 5 years, Melissa has worked exclusively with international students in the Middle East.

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Melissa has coached over a hundred international students in the Middle East through all phases of the admissions process.
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Melissa will identify how she can help you navigate the admission's process.

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2. Select your coaching package

Each package is customized to
serve your unique needs.  

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3. Get accepted into college

With Melissa's help, you'll be accepted into your top choice college!

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Melissa assisted my son with the college process and my husband and I are so thankful. At first, I thought that we could help him but even choosing the schools to apply to quickly became overwhelming. Melissa was super organized and guided my son through the college process in a professional yet approachable manner. My son felt confident in his college applications and we are keeping our fingers crossed as we wait for acceptances. Having Melissa’s guidance took a lot of stress out of the process and was money well spent.
GEMS World Academy Dubai: Parent