Why Choose Online Tutoring


A great tutor can make all the difference in achieving your goals – from acing a standardized test to perfecting your college essay. Online tutoring allows you to access the most specialized teachers whose expertise is aligned exactly with those goals. For international students in the Middle East, you’ll find that online tutoring can offer a number of advantages.

Access a World-class, Specialized Expert

When it comes to hiring a tutor for standardized test preparation and college admissions, you want to work with the best. Online tutoring allows you access to the most highly qualified tutoring professionals – even if they live on the other side of the world. It can be a big challenge to find a tutor who is located near you, specializes in the area you need tutoring, and is available on your schedule to come to your house. Skip all that legwork and use online tutoring to hire someone who offers exactly the services you need.

Melissa Daniels works exclusively with International students in the Middle East and understands the academic demands placed on students.  Whether you’re in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt or Qatar, you can work with an American tutor who knows the U.S. testing and university systems and specializes in the specific areas you need help. Melissa holds a Masters degree in teaching English and math and taught for 13 years at some of the best American International Schools in the Middle East. Her focus is on tutoring for the SAT, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT, subject tutoring in English and math, and college admissions counseling. She focuses on your weaknesses to move you forward quickly, while the test taking strategies and stress management skills she teaches provide you an immediate advantage.

“Melissa’s GMAT lessons were invaluable. It basically feels like a fast track to getting a high score, because the feedback loop she creates is so short and quick that I got an additional 70 whole grades on my GMAT score only a week after starting with her.”  -Thamer Al-Thani, Doha, Qatar

Convenient and Flexible

Working online with your tutor means you don’t have to plan around a guest in the house or inflexible class schedules. You can operate at later or earlier hours – or when others in your family are busy. Sessions are scheduled when it works for you. You can even work with a tutor in your pajamas. Plus you’ll save on travel time and costs – whether that’s for a tutor coming to your house or your travel to a study center. 

“…One of the best decisions I have ever made. The online approach she employs was, despite my prejudice, exceptionally rewarding as not only did the sessions feel like we were actually face-to-face, but also provided the luxury of better time management. The sessions could be done whenever and wherever.”  -Taha Tahan, International School of Arts and Sciences Dubai, SAT Tutoring

Uses Technology to Your Advantage

Online methods are easy and efficient. You’ll use digital whiteboards to share notes, edit writing, and work on problems together. You can see each other’s work in real time and email and chat to communicate outside of meeting times. After each session with Score Smart Tutoring, Melissa will send you personalized “cheat sheets” with whiteboard notes from your session and the exact areas to focus on for your studies.

Online tutoring teaches digital-age skills that are vital to a student’s future, such as screen sharing and using a virtual whiteboard. Platforms such as Skype make it easy to establish rapport and work interactively. It also helps those who may be more apprehensive or shy about working with a tutor in person. Some students are more willing to ask for help or ask questions when using online platforms instead of in-person methods.

“I had never done online tutoring and I was worried about the technical problems. I didn’t know if it would work. It is actually super interactive through the whiteboard and face-to-face video, which is super helpful. There are almost no technical problems and the one time we did have a problem, Melissa had a backup app so we could continue the lesson no problem. Melissa makes me feel confident and she is positive and encouraging, which is motivating. If you want to really improve your score, hire Melissa!” -Shaikha Al-Majed, American School of Doha, SAT Tutoring

Not Only Online, But Individual

Live, one-to-one tutoring is far superior to group classes, YouTube webinars, or software programs.  The personal connection and empathy enhances the experience, and individual tutoring means your lessons are customized just for you.  Melissa’s experience allows her to see your weaknesses quickly. She will guide and motivate you in exactly the areas you need to focus with a style and format matched to you.

“I’ve worked with Melissa to get the score band I was looking for in IELTS. Actually, she is very specific and well organized, she tailors a study plan focusing on the student’s weakness and enhances his/her confidence to achieve the goal...” –Azzam Azmy, MD, Doha, Qatar


Take advantage of a free 20-minute demonstration lesson with Melissa to see for yourself the power of online tutoring with Score Smart.

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