I am studying for the GRE and hope to attend Columbia or Tufts. Melissa is a very organized tutor and effective with her lessons. She takes the time to understand where you are before the lessons start and then finds the best suitable way for you to improve in the areas that you need help with. Her teaching style is comprehensive, patient, and practical. I would definitely recommend Melissa for anyone preparing for standardized tests.
— Lama: University of California Santa Barbara graduate
When I started studying for the SAT, I didn’t have any strategies. Ms Melissa helped me with strategies and how to save time. It was really helpful. I liked the five steps to follow in the reading section. The interactive whiteboard is also fun to use. After every lesson, Melissa sends the notes from the whiteboard so I have a copy to review.
— Anas: American International School of Kuwait
Melissa helped me brainstorm a speech for my English class. We used google docs and skype and it worked great. It was my first time with online tutoring; I really liked that I felt like just like she was in the room but without the hassle of transportation and logistics.
— Nouriyah: The American School of Kuwait
My Algebra II class was stressing me out and I was thankful for Melissa’s support. She explained the trigonometry concepts in a way that I understood and she always encouraged me to work through tough problems. I became more confident and my grade improved.
— Doya: The American International School of Riyadh
I want to attend college in the United States and Miss Melissa tutored me for the IELTS test. I worked hard and she gave me homework but I did better than I imagined on the test. She really drilled me on the vocabulary which helped my reading score.
— Muhammad: Al-Bayan Bilingual School
Mrs. Daniels is an excellent math teacher. My son, Haroun, not only improved his academic performance, but started to enjoy math. Melissa is patient, organized and gets the job done.
— Mother of Haroun: Icademy Dubai
My daughter is reserved and did not want to work with a tutor even though she was struggling. With her friendly and warm manner, Melissa instantly formed a connection with Maya. Melissa helped my daughter build confidence in Math and her overall potential.
— Mother of Maya: Dubai American Academy